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Your Student Loans Done Right

Congratulations! You are a college graduate! After years of hard work, you have your diploma in hand.
Unfortunately, the other hand holds something less desirable: your student loan bill.

We understand how you feel. You are ready to focus on career and family goals, but high student loan payments are weighing on you.
Fortunately, you have options, and Student Loan pro is committed to helping you process the required documents in order to achieve a successful consolidation.

Many student loan consolidation programs exist, yet finding the most appropriate option and submitting the required paperwork is complicated.
But, it doesn't have to be. Work with us, and our experienced team will help you process all the required Department of Education consolidation paper work.

This is how it works

Check out your Loans

It's simple. Speak to a SLP advisor to view your loans to help determine which program(s) you may qualify for.

Program Options

SLP advisor will review your income and family size to help you choose the program that best suits your needs

Enjoy New Payment

Once program is chosen, SLP advisor will walk you through agreement to begin document preparation

FrequentlyAsked Questions ?

Do I qualify for Pay as you Earn if I only have FFEL loans?

Unfortunately not. You must first consolidate your loans into a direct consolidated loan before being considered for PAYE. The good news is we can help you with that.

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Is there a prepayment penalty for consolidated federal student loans?

No. If your financial situation changes, and you are able to increase your monthly payment to pay off your loans more quickly, you may do so without penalty.

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Do I retain the subsidy benefits on my federal student loans?

Yes, once you consolidate, the subsidized portion of your loans will continue to receive benefits. In fact, by consolidating, the federal government will pay the interest on the subsidized portion .

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Do I qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness if I only have FFEL loans?

No, you must first consolidate your loans in a Direct Consolidated loan before you are considered for PSLF. The good news is we can help you with that.

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