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When you are out of deferment options and facing default, it's time to take action. Whether you're looking to reduce your monthly payment, eliminate a portion of your balance, remove a default status or avoid a tax offset to save your hard earned tax refund, you have our personal guarantee that we have the right program to suit your needs.

Consolidation vs. Loan Forgiveness

Student loan consolidation is the act of taking existing students loans, either private or federal, and combining them into a new loan. The new loan is typically taken out at a lower interest rate than the previous loans, which makes the monthly payments lower.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

One of the greatest opportunities for former students struggling with student loan debt are the reforms instituted for "Student Loan Forgiveness" or "Loan Repayment Programs". These programs offer to eliminate some or all of your student loans in return for choosing certain careers, military service, and even volunteer work.

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Our company provides document processing services that helps consumers find appropriate Department of Education (DOE) programs and then compiles, processes and submits to the DOE all of the required documentation. Our proprietary computer-based error detection software system.. more

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