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At Student Loan pro, we recognize that many borrowers feel overwhelmed by their student loan debt.

Though many options exist for federal student loan, finding the best option for student debt relief can be complicated. The programs you qualify for are dependent on many variables including your occupation, income and family size, as well as the current status and balance of your loans. Researching options, completing paperwork and maintaining contact with the Department of Education is time consuming. You may feel frustrated by the complexity of student loan and wish you had a team of professionals on your side.

That is where Student Loan pro comes in.

When you call us, you will reach a highly-trained team member who will spend time learning about your personal situation. After identifying the best program for your student loans, our experienced document processing team will prepare your paperwork for submission to the Department of Education. You can rest assured it will be handled in a professional and timely manner. In fact, we are so confident in our work that our processing services are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If we process your documents and the DOE does not approve your consolidation we will refund you 100% of any fees.

We understand that every client's needs are different, so we offer two processing options:

Basic Preparation

With Basic Preparation, Student Loan pro will assemble necessary documents and submit them on your behalf directly to the Department of Education. This service shifts the work from you to our team. The length of time it takes to assemble a consolidation package depends as much on you as it does on us. Years of experience has given us the ability to prepare your application nearly as quickly as you can provide the signed documentation authorizing us to work on your behalf. Once we receive the necessary information, we carefully review, assemble and send it to the Department of Education.

Extended Preparation

Extended Preparation is our most popular program. It offers all the features of the Basic Preparation, along with an additional feature that allows us to be a liaison between you and Department of Education. It is important to remember that many consolidation programs offered by the Department of Education are based on income, family size and indebtedness. Should your situation change, there are necessary documents that must be submitted properly to ensure status in your chosen program. By signing a Power of Attorney, you can authorize us to speak with the Department of Education on your behalf at any time on matters related to your student loans including:

  • Change of consolidation programs
  • Change of debit date
  • Deferral or skipping a payment
  • Annual re-approval for certain consolidation programs

To discuss which program is best for you, please call us today at : 888-508-1068

*Disclaimers: We offer a money-back guarantee, which is subject to the information you provide to us. We offer a full and complete refund in the event Student Loan pro processes the application and your consolidation is denied by the Department of Education. We cannot, however, guarantee a reduction in payments, as it is at the discretion of the Department of Education.

We also are not registered in, and do not do business in, the State of Minnesota or with Minnesota residents.

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